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What is Factoring?

Factoring is a short-term financial product offered to a company based on the sale of its invoices or receivables at a lower price to a company called FACTOR. The factor then collects payments for those invoices from business clients. Factoring is known in some industries as "Financing Receivables”.

The main purpose of using this service:

  • Ways to reduce administrative costs
  • Improving cash flow

Factoring Services


  • Factoring the tool (guarantee ) is the transaction to be where the supplier takes over the risks of meeting the requirements of the receivable , of which factor is collects from the buyer , by including but without being limited to the risks that are related to the inability of payment ( insolvency ) of buyers .
  • In factoring with tool ( guarantee ), the supplier guarantees to the factor the existence, validity and collection of receivables .
  • In factoring with tool ( guarantee ), the supplier and the buyer is responsible to factor for payment / collection of claims to receivables in accordance with the conditions and terms of the set with the contract .


  • 1. Factoring without tool ( guarantee ) is transaction in the where factor takes over the risks of meeting the requirements of the receivable , and including but without being limited to the risks that are related to the inability of payment ( insolvency ) of buyers .
  • 2. In factoring without tool ( guarantee ), the supplier does not is responsible to factor in meeting the requirements of the receivable from the buyer .
  •  3. Notwithstanding paragraphs 1 and 2 of this Article , the supplier is directly and fully responsible to factor in connection with the existence and identify the requirements of the receivables that are the subject of factoring without tool ( guarantee ), as and the guarantees factor that demands the receivables not have any burden of any kind.


Local Factoring is the transaction scope of the which is the sale and / or transfer of claims to receivables that stem from the sale of goods or provision of services between the entities to registered and that legally exist in Albania and / or persons physics with housing in Albania and are they registered to exercise the activities of the business.


Foreign factoring is a transaction whose object is the sale and / or transfer of receivables arising from the sale of goods or the provision of services between legal entities and / or natural persons, one of which has no head office / residence in Albania.

The way of processing the factoring

At the time you issue the tax invoice to your Client for the supply of products / services; The original copy of the tax invoice of this supply is passed on to the Factor who marks it with the factoring stamp; Factor finances tax invoice value by percentage of discount minus factoring fee, commission and interest; Factor collects the full value of the VAT invoice from the customer after the maturity date by reimbursing the difference held in advance as a guarantee.

Advantages of the Client

  • 1 Competitive interest
  • 2 Quick Procedures
  • 3 Eligibility for the extended business
  • 4 Factoring is scalable, meaning the amount of fund can increase as your requirements increase .
  • 5 Offers the opportunity to have new suppliers

Prices of factoring

Disbursement Commission for each invoice



Up to 90%

Rates of prepayment :

Monthly interest


Up to 10 days on the penal term


Over 10 day late payment on deadlines penalty (I added interest )

1.5% - 2.5%

Cost of services to other :

Review of application for service factoring


Annual maintenance commission

5,000 lek

Meeting documentation for Contract

Free of charge

Increase the limit of financing , change of value of prepaid

Free of charge

Commission on the number of invoices

200 ALL / invoice

How does factoring and its calculations work?

One customer has an invoice of 100,000 ALL to be financed. The invoice has a maturity of 30 days. The client of the factoring company after applying receives the following financing conditions: 1.5% interest rate, 1% administration commission and 90% invoice prepayment rate.
1. The Factoring Company (Factor) instantly deposits 90,000 ALL (100,000 * 90) into the client's account
2. After 30 days the invoice is paid by the debtor in the full value of 100,000 ALL in the Factor account.
The factor proceeds with the calculation of commissions of interest that are 2,500 ALL (100,000 * 2.5%) 3. The factor reimburses to the customer account the rest of the invoice value of 7,500 lek (the remainder is 10,000 lek minus 2,500 lek commissions)